Holy Faith High School & Holy Kids School

Holy Faith High School & Holy Kids School is an institution dedicated to quality education where kids Learn, Play, Explore, Invent, Think, Socialize and Enjoy. The school believe that education transforms people and educated people transforms Society, Nation & Future. HFHS prepare its students for ever Competitive, Changing, Challenging and Complex world. School emphasis on the All-Round Development of the child – Sensorial, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Moral, Social, Aesthetic, Creative, Cognitive and Physical Development. We at HFHS endeavor to nourish our students to be enlightened, productive & responsible global citizens who excel in a diverse and multicultural society. In today's cosmopolitan world narrow, parochial mindset will not work. if one want to succeed one need to compete with all the competitors at the global and level of competitiveness decide the stature at global level.

Mission & Vision


HFHS takes the step forward with a vision of creating a dynamic generation that imagined and innovated their own revolutions hopefully, one fine morning.


With the world changing constantly, the future is being reshaped too, every minute. HFHS aims at the holistic development of a child, making them future ready, regardless of the change

Aim& Objective

  • 1.To provide quality education in an environment that ensures the contemporary values of science & Technology.
  • 2.To develope critical thinking and creativity.
  • 3.To develop an overall well integrated personality Enriched with a sense of discipline and spirit of Service.